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Who Am I?



Hello allow me to introduce myself my name is George Prince. I am in the army as a active-duty soldier since 2008, at least eight years. I also just reenlisted  for another six years. I love the army I love what it stands for. I love what the Army has to offer.  The chief reason why I join the Armed Forces was to do my diligence and service towards this great nation of United States of America. I have four brothers and one sister who also joined in March and April 2008. We all joined to do our service towards our country. We never have taken the freedoms that this nation has offered over many centuries for granted and we wanted to do our part to fight and to continue to not only show our appreciation for those freedoms that we are not deserve but also to keep them in place.  

Family 13I have studied World War II for quite some time and indeed I designed an entire website and blog around this very subject. I cover the stories that the soldiers had to tell from that time truly that was a unique time and in some regards I wish I was born at that time fighting for a nation when the lines in the sand were much clearer than they are in this present day.

I deployed in late 2009 and 10 at Bagram Airfield Afghanistanwhere I carried out my MOS as hydraulics mechanic. I worked on the CH 47’s and little birds. It was during my deployment there in the 12 months that I was there, that I learned my job. 162682_1622322391771_5391847_nI also learned other Jobs, basically how we all can work as a team, how we can bridge over to other Jobs to simply help out to assist, to make the mission happened, to overcome all obstacles, no matter what the odds are, the job, the task at hand will and at all costs be accomplished.


I will expound upon my experiences and what I learned while I was deployed in another blog devoted specifically towards that.


After my deployment I was to be stationed in Hawaii. I was stationed there for three years. I loved that duty station. I had never been to Hawaii before. There were no seasons except all nice and warm. I used to tease my sister on the phone saying, “where else can you be stationed where you can walk out of your front door and say, what beach will I swim today”?. My sister is in MP and she was stationed at Fort drum at the time. I really loved Hawaii.


It was here that I did my first skydive, and I really thought it was a blast.


I took my first cruise.



I also experienced my first scuba dive.


In short, I took advantage of every MWR event that was offered.


It is also here that I gained the most hours towards my private license. What better fun can you have when you are flying over the island of a Oahu at the wheel of a Cessna. This brings me to one and perhaps my primary dream that I am working towards and that is to be a private pilot to gain the position of a Lear jet pilot I will expound on this further in another post.



It is here that I also started my own business called Prince Computer Repair. I built this business from the ground up. I simply stumbled upon a need and decided to volunteer my services. This soon evolved into a full-time off-duty business that expanded to its full potential in mere months. 2014-02-01 14-48-23.995Be it known that I am not a computer repair technician, I was not nor did I study such profession before I joined the Army, in fact I am more of a mechanic rather than at electronics person. In our main business, our family owned business, we my brothers, sister, and family ran a full-fledged construction business. We built every thing from the ground up by starting with the foundation the re bar, the electrical, plumbing, the walls, the electrical the interior designing, the roofs, in short every aspect of a building we did as a family owned company.


We also did and continued to perform a great deal of automotive work again doing every single aspect of each modification for our company’s needs ourselves. As a result, of being raised in this environment we learned an awful lot, we learned that if there is any subject that we need to learn and there are many, we go online and in a short time, we soon become foremost experts in that subject. This is exactly what happened when a fault revealed itself in my first laptop purchased in AIT, shortly after my physical training, I did not seek to have someone else attend to this issue. I went online, I found out the answer to the issue and I applied the solution. I was so pleased with my outcome my first action steps was to reach out to others who also lived in the barracks and to see what I could do to address their issues on thier laptops. It is doing this, I began to learn how to fix, computers and laptops, I simply applied that which I learned and became successful at it. The full details of that deserves its own blog post. Stay tuned, more to follow..

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