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How to Unplug from the Matrix

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Hello let me disclose a few reasons why I choose not to have cable TV or radio in my establishment.


First of all, my parents and our forefathers whole family was raised aside from society and that usually meant fairly remote areas of the United States.

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I am proud of the way our family raised us and I continue this in our tenor in the army. I know from my personal reason why I choose not to have cable room. The news is helpful however, it begets a very negative tone on ones day. I know a lot of people listen to the radio on their way to work.


However, it destroys everything in day in several ways. It is not positive and it negatively impacts one’s mindset which in turn directly affects one’s actions throughout the day.

Sometimes, enough is enough…

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Let me tell you a story. And it’s a true story. Let us say that was a person who had watched TV and listen to the radio as a part of his daily routine, and see a TV commercials addressing drugs or other means medicinal solutions for cramps aches or pains. The commercial will go like this, “if you have this you need this if you have a cramp or you’re feeling pain in your knees it could be this, consult your doctor and get it checked out.” tv cWell the individual already had gone to the doctor for some reason then MRI on his knee and found a perfectly fine and there was utterly no issue with his ligaments. However, once he believed that what she saw and heard in the TV ad he goes back to the doctor and finds that he has a major issue very much the same as the commercial was referring to. Person thinks himself lucky and that he listened to the commercial because now he could get it addressed.


The fact of the matter is that he had NO issues with his or her ligaments or his or her body BEFORE, but once he believed, once he or she was convinced, that there was an issue it manifested itself in his body. So you could see how powerful negative  TV are to those who are gullible enough to believe them or who are simply not aware of the negative impact, they have on our daily lives. This negativeness isn’t something of a higher power or some Hocus Pocus in the clouds theory.

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I see this played out each and every day on individuals who simply do not take to stand to cut that from their daily routine and go completely positive.  The things that you believe are all too evident in a negative way that entire people’s careers their life is all affected by what you believe. What if  you used that same power for the positive?


Now that changes you, it changes people around you, it affects situations around you and it releases you at last to stop dying. Suddenly, all things are possible. With that your outlook, your whole life has changed for life, instead of death!

In conclusion, television radio and the societies of the world that bombard you on a daily basis can have a real big effect on you your life and even your family’s life. That is why I have long since unplugged from the matrix and have chosen not to have cable in my abode. That is why I am so POSITIVE and OVER JOYED!


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