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The Twitter App Periscope Is a Major Game Changer

Which one Periscope or Mercat

Periscope, the app, is a new service from the people at Twitter that lets you watch and broadcast live video from around the world. Actually, Twitter purchased the app from a small team for a reported $100 million; the app was created a little over a year ago but has been in a private beta mode until Thursday, when it was released to anyone with an iOS device for free. 

The video is streamed from your smartphone and gives people a live look at what’s happening anywhere at any given time. The video can be viewed either on a mobile device, through the app, or on a laptop or computer, via the Periscope website.

Think about it. You can watch video of anything happening at this exact moment anywhere in the world. Want to see someone ride a roller coaster in Japan? You can see it. Interested to see what it’s like to walk around New York City? Check it out. (As long as those things are occurring at the time, anyway.)

That’s part of the charm of an app like Periscope. Sometimes you’re going to be able to watch something amazing or historic; other times you’re going to watch someone eat ramen. It’s a crapshoot. And as more people join, the stuff to watch will certainly get better.

I have just done my very first one. You can see it when you add me at @4Princebrothers

You would just image what a POWERFUL way to share, who we are with any one and every one we choose to. This is so new that is changing life as we know it!

Download and install on your mobile devices below:

You can download for IOS here:
Android Users here:

 Any one new with periscope add me here: @4Princebrothers and join our periscope fb group here at

Branding Globally Through Periscope 

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